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Welcome to the Villa Aqua MarketPlace. Here you will find sources to purchase those last minute articles for your vacation to our home in beautiful Cape Coral. Of course, you can take advantage of discounts all year round. We won't tell.

Look in the Technology tab for everything from Amazon Kindle Books to that ZZ Top download. Of course, in between there are computers, Cell Phones and HDTVs to provide some savings if the urge strikes. If you just have to work on that new website by the pool, or on the dock, there are some pretty good deals to be had from the web hosting companys in this tab. We have feeds from some of the better purveyors of electronics in the Tech Deals tab. Check it out. Coupons will help you save on those everyday purchases. And if you just can't resist the urge to see what's happenning at Groupon, Woot, or Your Best Deals, you'll want head to Daily Deals.

We've tried to make the Villa Aqua MarketPlace the only source you'll need for that perfect vacation purchase or gift. If there is something we've missed, contact us and let us know what you'd like to see.

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